Georgian Visa and Residence Permit for Students

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, a citizen of a foreign country who seeks to enter Georgia generally must first obtain a Georgian visa, which is placed in the traveller’s passport (a visa blank) or is issued electronically (electronic visa). Certain international travellers may be eligible to travel to Georgia without a visa if they meet the requirements for visa-free travel.

Accordingly, all International Students fall into, at least, one of the category of immigrants stated above.

Category 1. Students who do not need Visa to enter Georgia.

Category 2. Students who can enter Georgia with Georgian E-visa.

Category 3. Students who need Georgian student visa (D3 visa) to enter Georgia.

How to apply for Georgian Study Visa (stamped)

All foreigners who need Visa to enter Georgia are advice to apply for a Georgia study Visa (D3 Visa) which is stamped on passport or issued electronically (D3 E-Visa).

A Study visa (D3 visa) is issued for duration of 90 days and is the precondition of obtaining relevant residence permit fo International students.

The requirements for obtaining a D3 visa for each country nationals and stateless persons is published on the website of the Georgian Embassy nearest to the applicant's home country.

Find the Georgian Consular Office nearest to you here.

Do I need Visa to enter Georgia ?

Citizens of these 94 countries may enter and stay in Georgia without a visa for full 1 year.

Visitors who are holders of valid visas or/and residence permits of these 50 countries may enter and stay in Georgia without visa for 90 days in any 180 day period.

How to apply for Georgian E-visa ?

visit the Georgian E-visa Portal to apply for Georgian E-visa, process the payment and receive your e-visa.

Please Note: Georgian E-visa DOES NOT guarantee entry for International Students desiring to study in Georgia.

The Georgian E-visa is reserved primarily for foreign tourists. However, any students who get the E-visa and successfully enters into Georgia shall be eligible to apply for the Georgia residence permit.

Papers and steps required to obtain university admission in Georgia:

•Online application form.,
•Application form.
•List of selected courses.
•A copy of the identification pages of your passport.
•A copy of the passport, notarized and translated.
•A copy of the high school diploma, the transcript.
•IELTS certificate of English language proficiency.
•Medical certificate.
•Notarizing all your papers and certificates at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Georgian Embassy after their translation.
•Entering the university’s website after selecting the university you wish to apply to, and waiting for the approval letter from the university.
•After receiving the acceptance letter, you should print it, attach it with the identity document, and your high school papers, and submit them at the Georgian embassy in your country, in order to obtain a study visa.


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