Master’s Degree

A master's degree is a great investment whether you are looking to advance your career or learn more about your profession. Master's programs are available in all academic disciplines, and it is possible for a student to find what suits his educational goals, budget, and schedule with thousands of programs available in Georgia.There are some specialized programmers, such as Master of Engineering, Master of Research, Master of Arts, or Master of Science. In addition to coursework, Master of Science degrees contain a number of research such as a core project or thesis that can be undertaken individually or in a group, depending on the program.To learn more about the many options for obtaining a master's degree in Georgia, please see the programs below and find the right one!

School of Business

•International Business 
•International Marketing
•Business Management
•Business Law
•Executive Dual MBA Program with Grenoble Ecole de Management, France

School of Health Science

•Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
•Clinical Psychology
•Healthcare Management
•Industrial Pharmacy
•Public Health Management and Health Policy
•Pharmaceutical Analysis
•Pharmaceutical Management
•Pharmaceutical Cosmetology
•Public Health
•Health Care Economics
•Health Management

School of Engineering

•Computer Science
•Agronomy (authorized)
•Water Supply, Water Discharge and Rational Use and Protection of Water Resources (authorized)
•Water Engineering (authorized)
•Management and Policy of Technology (authorized)
•Viticulture and Enology
•Biomedical Engineering

School of Social Sciences

  • Public Administration
  • Public Administration
  • Politics
  • Diplomacy
  • International Relations
  • Comparative Contract 
  • Law
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Economics
  • Public Relations
  • Public Health
  • Cinematography Specializations (Film Directing 
  • film Scriptwriter)
  • International Relations 
  • Politics
  • Mass Communication and PR
  • IT Management

IT and Science Programs

  • Computer Science
  • Architecture and Design
  • Informatics
  • Industrial Management and Technology
  • Metallurgy
  • Logistics
  • Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Applied Bioscience
  • Applied Genetics

Aviation Programs

  • Aircraft Engineering
  • Aeronautical Engineering
  • Piloting
  • Private Pilot - ||| Level
  • Commercial Pilot - IV Level
  • Design and manufacture of aircraft

Maritime Programs

  • Marine Transport Management
  • Ship Energetic/Power Installations
  • Ship  Port Electrical System Energetic
  • Ship Port Terminal Electrical Energetic

Papers and steps required to obtain university admission in Georgia:

•Online application form.,
•Application form.
•List of selected courses.
•A copy of the identification pages of your passport.
•A copy of the passport, notarized and translated.
•A copy of the high school diploma, the transcript.
•IELTS certificate of English language proficiency.
•Medical certificate.
•Notarizing all your papers and certificates at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Georgian Embassy after their translation.
•Entering the university’s website after selecting the university you wish to apply to, and waiting for the approval letter from the university.
•After receiving the acceptance letter, you should print it, attach it with the identity document, and your high school papers, and submit them at the Georgian embassy in your country, in order to obtain a study visa.


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