Cost Of Living

Monthly Rent

For Students the average for monthly renting in the center of Tbilisi starts from 300$ to 500$ and for outside the center the average is 250$ to 350$.

Monthly Utilities

The average for the monthly utilities in Georgia is 40$ in summer and 80$ in winter.

Optic Internet is 36 Lari monthly.

Electric, Water and Sanitation 48 Lari monthly.

Gas 42 Lari monthly (In Winter it goes up to 120 lari and more in winter).


The ticket for Metro or bus is 1.00 Lari but for students is 0.50 Lari. Each ticket is valid for 90 minutes, the ticket holder can use any public transport vehicle for free within the 90 minutes.

If the student prefer to use taxi there is a variety of companies in Georgia like Yandex or Bolt. The Taxi charge about 5.00 Lari.

Papers and steps required to obtain university admission in Georgia:

•Online application form.,
•Application form.
•List of selected courses.
•A copy of the identification pages of your passport.
•A copy of the passport, notarized and translated.
•A copy of the high school diploma, the transcript.
•IELTS certificate of English language proficiency.
•Medical certificate.
•Notarizing all your papers and certificates at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Georgian Embassy after their translation.
•Entering the university’s website after selecting the university you wish to apply to, and waiting for the approval letter from the university.
•After receiving the acceptance letter, you should print it, attach it with the identity document, and your high school papers, and submit them at the Georgian embassy in your country, in order to obtain a study visa.


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